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Our exclusive curricula, combined with our own digital lesson planning tool, enable teachers to create personalized learning experiences, appropriate to every age group.

  • 3.5 - 4.5 Years


    Junior Kindergraten

    Kindergarten is a special time in a child’s life. Children at this age are developing physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Our skill-based kindergarten program includes reading, English language, maths, environmental studies, general knowledge, etc. We encourage continuous language development through letter and sound recognition, writing activities, reading, stories, singing, nursery rhymes, and fingerplays. Orals include A to Z alphabets, 1 to 10 numbers, rhymes, poems, stories recognition skills- colors, shapes, vegetables, fruits & body parts development of gross motor skills through activities like running, hopping and jumping development of fine motor skills through activities like paper tearing, sponge dabbing, hand and thumb printing, scribbling plays-Way Method of Teaching:Activity BooksPuppetShowMuppet shows flash CardsPhoneticsEnactmentsWe conduct Medical Checkup to examine details of child such as Height Weight Dental Health Eyes Ears NoseThroat.