Sports & Activities


An active child shows interest in everything. They display happiness and feel good. They perform well academically too. Physical activities are a must for children to make them active all throughout the day. At least an hour of physical activity per day is a must. It has a wide range of benefits for children. It checks into their health, social skills, and positive approach toward everything. Several types of research have provena healthy developmental impact on students who have as engaged themselves in sports. Apart from this, staying fit can be gained by being active in sports. A growing concern of obesity in kids is due to a lack of physical activities in their life. Understanding the importance of sports and how it influences a child, Koshys Global Academia provides various kinds of sports activities and training for sports. We always ensure a balanced environment between scholastic and co-scholastic programs and this way we achieve our mission to provide the best education and overall achievement of an individual.


We have sports classes like cricket, football, basketball, badminton, table-tennis, volleyball, chess, and athletics. Swimming, shooting, lawn tennis, hockey, gymnastics and horse-riding facilities are also available in most of our schools.

In our school, we offer extensive club activities so as to develop the student’s talents in different areas. All studies show students greatly benefit from being involved in extracurricular activities. They develop several benefits from co-scholastic activities. These benefits include time management skills, interest in different areas, staying fit and active, and an increase in the level of self-esteem. The School recognizes the value of the development of individual students’ talents through participation in such activities.

Our clubs are designed to stimulate, excite, and give students a structured but enjoyable way to develop social skills and learn new ideas outside the classroom.

From sports teams to Music Clubs, Sketching & Painting Clubs, and Dance clubs, students work and play together in a way that’s fun, and fulfilling.