ADMISSIONS OPEN | Play Group - Grade 7 | AY: 2024-25





Koshys Global Academia, a leading educational institution, offers a safe and convenient transportation service for its students. With the help of GPS tracking technology, parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are in good hands.

The transportation service provided by Koshys Global Academia is designed to ensure that students arrive at school on time and return home safely. The drivers are experienced and trained to handle any situation that may arise during transportation. Additionally, the buses are equipped with GPS tracking, allowing parents to monitor their children's movements in real-time.

Safety is a top priority at Koshys Global Academia, and the transportation service is no exception. All buses undergo regular maintenance to ensure they are in excellent condition, and safety checks are performed before each trip. The bus drivers are also trained to follow all traffic rules and regulations, and they take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their passengers.

In conclusion, Koshys Global Academia provides a reliable and safe transportation service for its students. With the help of GPS tracking technology and experienced drivers, parents can trust that their children will arrive at school and return home safely.

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