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At KOSHYS We have a distinctive approach to education designed to enable, challenge, and support every child.

How Do We Teach Children Self-Learning Skills?

There are a number of strategies that can be used by Koshys Global Academia to improve children's self-learning skills.

Encourage independence: We help children to take ownership of their own learning by providing them with opportunities to make decisions, solve problems, and take on leadership roles.

Foster curiosity and a love of learning: This is the best school in Bangalore where we encourage children to ask questions, explore their interests, and seek out new knowledge.

Develop critical thinking skills: Encourage children to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information, and to think creatively and independently.

Provide access to resources: We also make sure children have access to a variety of materials, resources, and technologies that support learning and exploration. This is mostly possible in the best school Bangalore and Koshys Global Academia is one of them.

Encourage self-reflection: Help children to reflect on their own learning process, identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and set goals for growth.

Encourage collaboration: Provide opportunities for children to work with their peers and learn from each other.

Offer guidance and support: Our creative school bangalore provide support and guidance to children as needed, but also give them the space and freedom to take charge of their own learning. By incorporating our strategies, children develop the skills and habits they need to become self-directed and lifelong learners. So that’s why our school is in the top creative school Bangalore list.

Define Success


Of course, academic results are important, but we also care about what each child gains from their time at Koshys Global Academia – the success of their experience and the value we add along with the breadth of destinations they head to after they leave us and the lives they lead beyond Koshys Global Academia.


Our Mission

The mission of our school is to provide a high-quality education that meets the individual needs of each child. This may include academic, social, emotional, and physical development, as well as the development of critical thinking skills and a love of learning. We also create a positive and supportive learning environment that promotes inclusivity, diversity, and respect for all members of the school community. This may involve creating a safe and welcoming space for students to learn, establishing clear expectations and guidelines for behaviour, and providing resources and support for students to succeed. So if you find "Bangalore best school" you will always see us at the top. In addition to providing strong educational responsibilities, the Koshys Global Academia prepares students for success in their future academic and professional endeavours. This may involve helping students to develop important skills such as problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, as well as providing opportunities for leadership and personal growth.